Pitching your music is hard. We've developed this course to make it easy.

There are millions of musicians in the world with stories to tell -- but, there is only one you.

A comprehensive new course from Underground Music Collective, Perfect Your Pitch is designed to help independent musicians secure opportunities that will further their careers, all while communicating their messages to the masses. Our weekly course will help you craft and lean into your story, leading you to have an impact that is fearlessly and authentically your own.

Here's what you'll learn.

Over the course of Perfect Your Pitch, you will have the chance to learn and practically apply valuable lessons that will help you take your music to the furthest reaches imaginable. These include:

  • How to secure the specific opportunities you want -- including media placements, collaborations, and performance opportunities.
  • The Two Harsh, Yet Simple Truths that prevent most musicians from reaching their goals.

  • The importance of telling your authentic story -- in everything you do.
  • How to ensure that the content you put out reflects who you are and what you do -- at the highest possible level.
  • The importance of relationship building -- and how to find your authentic tribe.
  • The easy-to-avoid pitfalls that prevent artists from reaching the heights they desire.

...and much more!


For the artist, manager, or publicist on the go: pre-purchase Perfect Your Pitch and learn on your own time. Watch all four modules at once, or space them out at your convenience.

Note: The on-demand course does not include Module 5 (the in-class critique). Once you have completed the course, please contact us to schedule a one-on-one critique session.



Want something a little more interactive? We're teaching Perfect Your Pitch live every Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m. CT, beginning August 31, 2021. Join from anywhere, meet your peers in the music industry, and enjoy the five-week version of our course, which includes an in-class critique of your EPK, web, and/or social media presence!



"I was overwhelmed with the whole 'wondering what to do next' thing, with my band releasing new music and trying to stay as relevant as possible, and this Perfect Your Pitch series helped me IMMENSELY!!!! If you need that little push or guidance, I HIGHLY recommend this course."

Ronnie S., Allentown, PA

"Perfect Your Pitch is a Music City Movement-endorsed education session. We've been through the program and even contributed to its development. Highly recommend for anyone curious to know what gatekeepers are looking for and how to get what you want out of your career in the music industry."

Jenna Rose, Music City Movement, Nashville, TN